Saturday 14th September 1974 was when 72,000 people packed Wembley stadium to see Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young the American Supergroup of "Teach Your Children fame".

We loved we were there! Below is the story of the day....

From "Sounds" of September 21st 1974 -

"Everyone had their doubts. Throughout the day long musical orgy all 72,000 paying customers sat in nervous anticipation, enjoying the exceptionally fine music and the low key atmosphere but privately wondering if the rave reviews from the States were true. Like a dream come true three masters of the Californian sound and one transplanted Englishman flawlessly revealed how after all these years and all these changes they remain unchallenged title holders as the definitive American band, heavyweight division.

C S N & Y had been good in the past but they were even better at Wembley. From the "Love the one you're with" kickoff right on through the passionate "Ohio" finale, C S N & Y turned a content, sane crowd into crazy, raving cup-match brawlers."

These set lists for CSN&Y and for Joni Mitchell must have been compiled from memory immediately after the event.

In the middle of this mad crowd, Tats stood with total dedication holding a microphone, looking like the statue of liberty, for hours.

As a result we have here some sound files of the actual event, complete with crowd noise (mostly a bunch of drunken Yorkshiremen shouting "sit down" and "Neil Young"), clapping, singing along, and plenty of bass echo, with an occasional hint of the performers!

Try clicking on the links below to listen. They are MP3 files and the sample file is quite small but the full song files are 3 or 4mb and can take ages to download - only for the dedicated fan!

Ohio Sample 696k 45secs Ohio Full 4.45mb 4m51secs
Helpless Sample 894k 57secs Helpless Full 4.3mb 4min41secs
Only Love Sample 915k 58secs Only Love Full 3.1mb 3min22secs
Teach Your Children Sample 768k 49secs Teach Your Children Full 2.95mb 3min9sec
Military Madness Sample 571k 36secs Military Madness Full 3.1mb 3min21secs
Old Man Sample 1mb 1min08secs Old Man Full 3.6mb 3mins51secs
Our House Sample 417k 26secs Our House Full 3.3mb 3min32secs

And from my diary Friday 13th

Went down to the Marquis at night. Everyone turned up as usual, then me and Hank went up to Anna's and had some coffee and waited for Ade. Hank went to sleep and I waited up for ages then fell asleep. Ade woke the whole house up at 3.00am when he rang then he came up.

Had breakfast and set off at 6.00 am.

Of course we had to have a rehearsal before the gig! I think this is us at Annas while awaiting for Tats to arrive!

Saturday 14th

Got to the station at about 9.00 and met Mart OK. Got to Wembley and had to wait for about an hour but got good seats when we went in.Jesse Colin Young came on at 12.00 - good. Then The Band - good.

Then Tom Scott and the LA Express at 4.00 - OK. Then Joni Mitchell - brilliant. Then from 6.30 till 10.00 CSN&Y - absolutely out of this universe. They did Ohio as an encore and the whole place went mad, absolutely mad. 72,000 of us.

Sunday 15th

Hank kept falling asleep so we stopped at all the services. Got home at 3.30 am and slept till 1.00. Went to the Imperial to see Cisco in the evening.