We're still trying to track people down!! (If there's anyone you particularly want to find, drop me an e mail and I'll include them on here..)

If this is you, or you know where this person is, please email me...

Or if there's anyone you particularly want to track down, let me know and I'll put them on here...

Simon Hoe Found!! He's in Dublin, working as an architect! I've broken the news to him that there's an embarrassing picture of him on here somewhere! Ellen Dawson Lived in Calverton, supported Leeds United and used to hang around with Angie Ward.
Howard Marshall Used to live in Stoke Bardolph -. Howard....we know you're out there! We need the results of the Subbuteo league! Cathy Harvey Found! She's just appeared on Friends reunited and hopefully Gwynneth has been able to email her!
Steve Cross Lived in Burton Joyce and his dad had a sign business at the bottom of Carlton Hill Jayne Sewell Was still living in Nottingham last time we heard of her...used to hang around with Anne Fedorko but Anne has lost touch with her.
Chris Corby Lived on Valley Road, Carlton and disappeared without trace! May be in Slough or Southampton! Stephen Godfrey Last heard of studying dentistry. John Greenwood was asking if anyone knows where he is.
Neil Richerby Found!Joined us in the sixth form from Gedling along with Ian Dawson. Ian wanted to hear from you and now he has an email!