Ah...the ceremonial centre of the school ! Home of the assembly. Who can forget the leaving assembly in 1973 when three extra teachers sneaked on stage into line of assembled dignitaries listen to the farewell wishes. I think through the strange disguises it was Hank, Hodgie and Trev Hatton and obviously affected them deeply as none of them went on to be teachers. And I don't think Fred Lee was amused when the alarm clock hidden in the curtains behind him went off just as he was getting into his stride!

And school plays - remember The Caucasian Chalk Circle, The first School Opera - The Gypsy Baron, Ruddigore, Playboy of the Western World or Roots.

And then there were the house drama competitions, house choir competitions - no-one could say the stage was underused!

Staff plays were excellent entertainment if only to see your favourite (and least favourite) teachers dress up in strange costumes!

I remember Mr Gutteridge's debut in The Importance of being Earnest and then his follow up success the next year as Lord Fancourt Bobberley in Charley's Aunt. The man was obviously wasted in the maths room, although I suspect from his performances he was probably wasted most of the time!