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This part of my web site is for those of you who were at school in the sixties and seventies! So if you wore flares the first time round.... or had the Bee Gees Greatest Hits album before Saturday Night Fever.. or saw your first computer on Fireball XL5... or just want to know what your mum and dad really got up to... stick around and explore the site! Especially if you were at Carlton Le Willows Grammar School... or lived in Nottingham ...look carefully....you may be in here!!

There's an awful lot in this website which is well hidden! It was built that way - so that you can explore the school via the map and come across new pages by accident. I suspect however that most people are only finding ten percent of what's actually in here, so for those of you who don't have the time or the patience to explore I've decided to build you a bit of an index!

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Christmas 2014 Page!

And now - every band who appeared at the Boat Club in the seventies! Search for your your favourite bands and let me know on the guestbook if you were there!

There are a couple of new photos on the Boat page as well

After a lot of hard work I've totally re-written the site and made it much easier for me to update! So send me lots of your old photographs - you must have some! And have a look at the new outdoor activities section, the party pictures and our canal boat holiday from 1976. I've also finally fixed the diaries so that you get the correct entries in January - they've never worked properly!

Most of the interesting pictures and stories on the site can be found by exploring Carlton Le Willows School .......click here to pass your 11 plus immediately and enter the school via the map. From here you can explore all the rooms but beware of embarrassing memories lurking in the store cupboards.

The site is meant to be a bit random - I want you to get lost in the corridors and come across strange things you've forgotten, so you'll need to use your back button a bit...or there's always the menu to get back home.

Don't forget The Diaries - they change every day to remind you what we were up to in the seventies! And The Archives for all the old diary pages. Have a look at the people to see who made it all possible...or the database to see who we've tracked down so far.

And have a look at the reunions here

About me...if you're remotely interested! Please email me at chris@lewys.co.uk if you have any school or seventies stories or pictures, or any suggestions for the site. And please sign the guest book so that I know you're out there!