These are all pictures of the school now, in case you're interested. Well, not exactly now, but as they were at the school reunion of 2003. It's amazing how there are little bits of the school which are exactly as they were in 1973!

A very neat and tidy classroom - the stools look a bit new but turqoise radiators!
Oh no - the dreaded changing rooms - run! And aren't they the same pegs?
Imagine these full of muddy rugby players - calm down girls!
Those are the same beams although it looks a lot brighter
That's very clever camouflage but I'm sure the blackboard behind it is an original one!
That's a very smart classroom!
It's the hall and looks very familiar - posh tables though!
Hang on - that's the same lectern isn't it! And isn't that Mop on the right posing with his jumper round his shoulders?
The balcony - I can't remember whether those are the original chairs the sixth form were allowed to sit on, but I don't think they use it any more.
There's a TV. Either things have changed or this is the staffroom!
The cricket nets definitely look original, or maybe they've started growing fruit trees?
It's very neat and tidy but those chairs look a bit uncomfortable.
This is the modern version of the common room - better walls but where is the record player that looks like an oven?
Spookily I can recognise the dining hall from the position of the doors - no custard though!
A room full of old people! That's Dai Roberts in the background!
From here the school looks exactly the same as it did every day in the seventies!
That's a bigger lawn than I can remember - and I think the greenhouse has gone?
Aren't these supposed to be the tennis courts. The Willow tree has grown a bit though.
Wow - this is where the projector used to point through and project slides of French words!
This is the memorial to Mr Barlow who was killed in an accident outside the school shortly after we left. He was a really nice teacher who coached us in the boys hockey team.