At off the press....err...well actually 30 years after it was originally recorded.... here is the Sassafras Christmas concert from 23rd December 1974! I've split them up into individual files which are reasonably sized - most are 1-2mb, but you will probably want broadband to download them. And we used to think broadband was Demis Roussos's backing singers....

You need to be a diehard fan to listen to these - they're mono, old and recorded using Tats' tried and tested Statue of Liberty technique (standing all night with the microphone from his tiny portable cassette player held high in the air!). It was worth waiting 30 years to now have the technology to increase the volume and get rid of some of the hiss and scratches...

For you real fans listen to Terry Bennett drawing the raffle numbers...and ignore everyone shouting for Electric Chair at the end of every was something you had to get used to at a Sassafras gig!!

Beans and Things


Peanut Man

The Raffle


Wheeling and Dealing

I am the Walrus

Highway Skies

The Goose that laid the Golden Egg

Electric Chair

Ray Jones and Terry Bennett have both sent me pictures of recent Sassafras and have given me permission to use them on the site so have a look below