Some folks couldn't make it to the school on Saturday and some preferred the more laid back atmosphere of a pub so we arranged to meet at Mart Culley's pub, the Hilltop Inn at Belper, on the Sunday lunchtime. It was a beautiful day so we all sat in the garden with a beautiful view over the hills of Derbyshire, and Mart had even put Wishbone Ash on the pub sound system. A perfect setting!

A really nice surprise - Simon Hoe arrived. After featuring on our most wanted page I tracked him down living in Dublin last year so we were all the more surprised when he turned up! Pedro also came out for a drink - although not at the grammar school he has been awarded honorary membership for his running skills and the tech was the next best thing! Higgy brought his family and this is almost Mick Nutting's local now!!
Bert is here displaying the famous brain which has propelled him from mere Eric Austin, to Enreek, to Eric Austin PhD, to Professor Austin! Unfortunately he seems to have exhausted his head doing all the thinking required from a professor and his hair is now too tired to grow. He is helpfully shielding the sun from fooling the light meter on my camera. I think there may have been a spell in his life when he wasn't wearing a denim jacket but every photo I have of him, from rag processions in Salford, to the Boat Club have him wearing something suspiciously Denim-ish!
Our host, unfortunately having to work to keep us all fed and watered in his garden. For those of you who haven't visited his pub, you're now too late. After years of hard work and staying up with the locals until 1 a.m. Mart and June have decided to reclaim their lives and go back to non alcoholic related work! We do meet up with Mart at the Cropredy Festival near Banbury in August every year so if you fancy a few days in a field with good company, music, beer and food, let us know. I can feel a mini-reunion coming on!
This site is best viewed with sunglasses, or at the least, through a piece of smoked glass! Tats displays that he is developing rather conservative tastes in his old age. Ten years ago his shorts would have been this colour as well!
Mr Nutting proving that he can tuck into the plates of roast potatoes like an England prop! Chris Truswell looks on in awe and thinks "if only you'd eaten like that in school you could have been in the first fifteen instead of taking hockey balls up the nose on a Saturday". Note Ped is abstaining - definitely not a runners diet!
Johhno discovers that the person standing next to him is Simon, who he hasn't seen for 30 years! What a nice moment - it makes all the detective work, keeping the website up to date, losing peoples addresses, posting out lists, listening to Tats giving me grief about "when's the next reunion", keeping an eye on friends reunited and keeping people in touch, worthwhile!
Hmm.. the combined brains of professor Austin and Headmaster Taylor trying to decipher how to work a digital camera. I think Tats is trying to change the film!
Paula is trying to listen to some very serious theory on blood transfusion, cancer or suchlike. Unfortunately Bert can't quite concentrate on telling her it, as he knows I'm just about to take a photo! He'd be no good on Holby City would he...
Mr memory is here demonstrating a save in the last game of the cup when he and Bert were in junior school! Not only does he remember this but he also remembers that Simon Hoe had a very small Subbuteo pitch when we had our Subbuteo league which caused him to lose the game against Simon (Simon can't remember any of this of course!) Not only that but Tats remembers the score and appears still to hold it against Simon!!