See if you can guess the pub from the picture and description - you need to get the pub and the location for total satisfaction! These are modern photographs remember. To get the answer put your mouse over the picture. This page may take a while to load but...hey...there were a lot of pubs to get through!

Located in Nottingham City centre opposite Yates's. You can see the worn flagstones in the corridor where they used to lead horses when it was a coaching Inn. easy one to start as the picture is a bit of a giveaway! The Bell....duh! This one's a bit more difficult. An alternative to the Marquis and an excellent place to spend all day Sunday watching cricket. They serve you direct from the cricket field through a back window. A very appropriate place to spend Christmas Eve!
We didn't use to go here a lot but it wasn't too far from our normal haunts. A mythical place and often full of tourists strolling by the river. We used to swim from here when I was really small and the Trent wasn't full of the stuff it is now! A real local - about 30 yards from my house! It used to be pretty boring but since they added the conservatory bit at the front it's been more lively. Named after the road it's on and next door to the garage.
Located on the main road from Nottingham to Southwell and used to be the finishing point of the annual pram race through the villages for charity. Of course, as it was the last pub, and participants had to have a drink in them all, I doubt anyone can remember it! We got thrown out of this one! They really only liked the locals and we used to go there occasionally to play darts and cards. I can't remember how but we upset the landlady. I think it's because 12 of us were sharing two halves of mild before a party at Diane's!
Now you might think this is easy because you can see the name, but where is it and what did it used to be called! We knew it as it's old name, and we used to visit regularly for an excellent pint of Pedigree. When the small car park was full you had to park in the lane which was a challenge to get out of! This one must be the easiest of them all as it is the centre of the known universe! Although how I came to have a local 7 miles from my house is beyond me. It's located in a village of 150 people which had three pubs and a night club! We went there every night for years and it deserves a special page all to itself. Site of our first school reunion.
Rumour has it that when the land all around was marsh, Dick Turpin used to hang out here to escape from the Bow St Runners. Hence the pub name! We generally used to pass it by and head to the nearby Old Volunteer to play bridge, but I haven't got a picture of the Vol! Now this one has changed a lot - it's now a big family pub but used to be pretty small and white. You could come down here to see the floods when the road to BJ would be closed and the pub cellars would be under water. If you could stand the smell that is!
Probably one of the most difficult as it was about at the edge of our known drinking universe! Named after a mythical creature it was further north than we would generally go and only visited when Johnno fancied a run in the car. This one's tricky as well as I don't think we knew it existed in the early seventies. However later on I used to drink here a lot after playing frisbee in the arboretum. It had a good pool table and was always pretty quiet.
Another one which we didn't used to visit a lot as we favoured another pub in the village. However as the dual carriageway bypassed the main road through the village it was a bit off our normal route from the borstal! Haunt of assorted bikers. This is a tricky one as even now I wouldn't be able to remember how to get there. We did frequent it quite a lot when bored of the Marquis and it was a really nice pub in a small village past Hoveringham. The clientele were very civilised as houses were expensive in the village. Difficult to get so here's a clue - I'm sure that Eminem would like it!
Scene of many a Manchester University geographers reunion, and part of the traditional Christmas Eve pub crawl. Live music venue as long as you were into heavy rock, and the usual drinking haunt if we were in town. I don't think it's changed much! This place always seemed a bit cold and lacking in atmosphere but as it was on the main road through the village we occasionally used to visit. It did have a nice big car park!
Another pub on the main road that we didn't really used to visit much. Although I do remember a couple of good nights there when the young farmers met there. A really tricky one this! The pub not to be missed by any tourists where you get sandstone in your beer if you drink in the upstairs bar! If you look up you can see Mortimers hole! I had a pint in here with Noel Edmunds and Kid Jensen when they did a Radio 1 broadcast from here.
And a difficult one to finish. Out past Hoveringham and a really nice pub to sit outside in the summer with a pint and a packet of those crisps with the blue salt bag before the marketing people got hold of them! With it's own landing stage I think it was an old warehouse at some point. It had a good jukebox as well!