But where did we go?

If you're from Nottingham some of these places might be familiar! Early seventies of course we had no money and just hung around the streets annoying people as most teenagers do....mainly opposite the Westdale Tavern pub, if you know where that is!

And then of course there was the garage! My parents had a garage but no car and this was duly taken over and decorated with various items of graffiti covering football teams ,various statements on life, and who was in love with who at the time. And then we discovered women, drinking and live music, but not necessarily in that order

Next came the local pubs. The favourite haunt from school was the Chesters - The Chesterfield Arms in Gedling and then the previously mentioned Westdale Tavern. And then further afield to Burton Joyce and Lambley and Lowdham until we arrived at the centre of the known universe - The Marquis of Granby at Hoveringham. Then when we were bored with the Marquis it would be the Old Volunteer at Caythorpe to play bridge, or the Ferryboat at Stoke. Or into town to the Salutation, or the Trip, or Yates's.

And where did we go for our holidays? Remember our parents didn't really travel that far and the age of the Great British Holiday was just coming to an end with the advent of the package tour. My dad used to take us abroad which was quite adventurous even though it was only Belgium and Italy. There was only one choice though when the boys started to go away on our own - Caister Holiday Camp of course!

And then came Moor Farm Inn at Bramcote - live music for the price of half a mild and a mad rush back through Nottingham to get home for Johnno's eleven o'clock curfew. Then Saturday nights at the Boat, watching every band we could, and some we didn't want to see! Followed by Sunday nights at the Imperial on St James Street to watch Cisco every week, without fail. After Saturday Night Fever hit, it was Scamps or Isabellas, and then after punk arrived, the Sandpiper to do some pogo-ing, and for some New Wave cool, the Asylum.