I'm not sure whether Hodgie is helping or trying to put me off here! Although on closer inspection I think he's confusing his sports and playing snooker.... And this is obviously a rehearsal for an album cover!
Now that is a classic swing - I wonder why I never went on to be a golf pro? And Hodgie is studying Ollie's swing closely...obviously to perfect his own!
Now that is a strange bunch out for a walk - could it be Jethro Tull on the way to record a new album? Ah..another album cover - looks a bit more like Genesis this one.
I've no idea why we were in Derbyshire but the boys are obviously confusing their sports again! Ah...the artistic album cover. Looks as if Tats is just about to fall off!
And when you're tired stop for a rest....in a tree! Geoff obviously has excellent climbing skills...
....but Hank doesn't think much of this peculiar climbing wall! So he has another go on the real thing, but finds he's last up and Tats is the king of the castle!
After some serious sporting endeavour of course you have to have the team photo! Gymnastics was also a popular sport - practising here for the customary pyramid built on the pavement outside pubs on Christmas Eve!
And then time for an after match drink....Bert practising his technique which was to come in useful playing rugby for Boots! ....and the medal ceremony! Hank seems on first name terms with Ted Heath here while Denis doesn't seem impressed to be standing next to the great man!