Is there anybody out there?

They say no news is good news but in this case no news means I haven't updated the site for a long time! Let me know if anything exciting is happening to you and I'll put it up here for the entire world to see!

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Some sad news about Webby....

Sadly Fred Lee has died. His funeral was on Monday 9th November at Gedling church. Mr Lee was one of the founder members of the school, setting up the geography department and lasting through the period when the school went comprehensive until his retirement. Along with Alan Ward, he made geography a pleasure, even iron and steel in Norway! Have a look at his lessons here.

Some sad news on Andrew Shipman or Shippo as we knew him.

On Saturday June 11th 2007 a group of us met up at the Anchor at Gunthorpe for the long awaited visit of Coral who was over for a rare visit from Australia where she now lives. Gwynneth had arranged for a welcoming party for Coral - it was a shame she couldn't organise some sunshine as well!! Have a look at the photos and see who you can recognise..

It is with great sadness that I learned of the death of Tom Dowman, headteacher of Carlton le Willows for most of us. He died on Wednesday 6th December 2006, from a heart attack while out walking in Yorkshire. He had just had his 80th birthday. I remember Ted (which how most of us knew him) as a friendly, approachable, caring headteacher who actually knew your name - no mean feat with that number of kids around. He was responsible for keeping Carlton le Willows such a friendly and successful school during a period of great change in the education system, which little of us even realised was taking place. I'm sure he'll be sadly missed by his family. Thanks to the current head and staff of Carlton le Willows for letting me know.

Some better news from Kathy Saric...OK....Kathryn May!

"I ( or rather we) would also like to share some news with you - David Matthews and I (Kathryn May that was) are now engaged and living together in Botswana, where Dave is working as a Civil Engineer and I am teaching English. We had not seen each other since we all left school in 1973, but met up at a mutual friend's house in November 2003. Dave was already working here, so after a long distance romance for a few months, I came and joined him. We are planning to get married this year, and will probably be on the move again in a few months, either back to UK or hopefully to other sunnier climates! We are having a great time as 'ex pats' - I am continuing with my amateur dramatics with the local amdram group and Dave is President of the Botswana Buddhist Association. We have both taken up golf, which is quite interesting here as in addition to the water hazards and bunkers, you also have to beware the spitting cobras, scorpions, monitor lizards and warthogs that frequent the course!

It is with great sadness we heard of the death of Allan Ward in February. More details are here.

I had an email from Hazel Cleminson who was in our year but at the Tech. As she didn't mentioned rugby matches, hockey matches or the incredibly violent snowball fights we had against them, I said I'd put a link in to their newly built website! You can find them at Hazel lived in BJ and knows Anne Fedorko, Rob Wilson, Ian Pilkington, Kerr Dron, Lorraine Doughty etc...

Christmas at the Taylor household! I quite like the woman that Santa brought him but he could have brought him a new shirt at least!!

The reunion passed off very well at the school on 6th September. Tats and Sally's version of the school walkabout was even better then Alan Wards's, except for his description of Ike Stampers Anzio approach to dealing with teenagers!

We extended it slightly by adjourning to the Chesterfield afterwards to meet up with Mart Culley and Olly and watch England scrape past Macedonia at football and annihilate France at Rugby. Err..and watch Wales not quite get the result they wanted against Italy...sorry Gwynneth! Then Mart and Judith and I finished off the evening as any drinking evening should be finished with a curry! We visited Marts pub at Belper on Sunday where it was great to see Simon Hoe after all these years, and met up with Mick Nutting, Chris Truswell, Bert.... An excellent weekend - The photos are all here so have a look and see who you recognise

I've had some great E Mails from John Peel in New York..he was in the year above us and reminded me of some of the teachers I'd forgotten all about! Thanks particularly for the physics stories as I'm short of them and for pointing out a few omissions in the map of the not the store cupboard in room 10....we all know what that was used for!! I'm missing the language lab...very high tech for it's time. I'll try and fit his stories in around the place...please email me with any of your own memories, and leave us a message on the guestbook so everyone else knows who's out there.

Wow, congratulations Mop! I take it all can work the internet! And nice to see Jonno on here as well....just wish I had the bandwidth for video clips so we could have you dancing to Ride a White Swan! Jonno has contacted me to say that the address on the latest list for Pete Smith is wrong. He's moved out to West Leake. I have his new details so email me if you want them. Jonno has said that he didn't renew his membership for the Carlton le Willows society as they tend to be composed of an older age group than ours and also do things very formally. I've still retained my membership just to keep up to date on what they're doing so I'll post any relevant information on here.

There's also a new phone number for Higgy and I have email addresses for a few people now. If you want to check whether anyone has an email address just contact me. People keep emailing me with odd memories and in the absence of anywhere to put them I'll stick them in here!

Tats says does anyone remember Hilary Wilson's party opposite Dekes house on 26th or 27th November 1971. Bert and Tats bought a cigar each and thought they were so cool, especially as they could afford Party Seven's, or probably Party Fours!

Thanks to the friends reunited website we've found a few long lost friends of our own recently to add to the database. Ian Dawson has been mailing me from Norway where he's been settled for a long there's someone who doesn't have to dream about a White Christmas! And John Greenwood popped up from nowhere - the great and glorious co-captain of the boys hockey team known to his admirers as Sir Alf! That long lost duo of Dennis and Deke have also been found! Dennis is in Nottingham but I got an email out of the blue from Deke from a cyber cafe in Jaipur, India. Maybe we should hold our next reunion there? Angie Ward also made an appearance on friends reunited and is living in London now, becoming the first person to make the leap from our "wanted" page to being "found"! Lynnda Peck also emails me every now and then - she used to be called "Stroppy" at school but celebrated adulthood by marrying, changing her name to Worsnop, and now being known as "Snoppy"!