My overwhelming memories of the music room are of Mr Todd, normally called Toddy. He left the school in 1969 after having been in charge of the music department since the school opened in 1953. He was your typical old school teacher - glasses, old cord jackets, piercing eyes and mannerisms bearing on lunacy!

I remember him being obsessed with people leaving the windows open so that people walking along outside could brain themselves by walking into them. I'm sure he knew that a good number of people, bored with music, climbed out of them and disappeared during his lessons!

He was replaced by Mr Hindle who was far more approachable and about a hundred years younger! I still hear tunes now that bring back vague recollections of school....bits from the Gypsy Baron, Go Down Moses, Kalinka and all sorts of strange pieces. I also know all the words to "When the night wind howls, in the chimney cowls and the bat in the moonlight flies"from Ruddigore, which is strange as I was never in any of the school music competitions or plays. I think I must have hung around with too many people who were rehearsing!

What was weird is that the music at school never bore any resemblance to that we were listening too on the radio or buying from the record shops. We could only learn stuff like the violin or the trumpet at school and we were all listening to guitars outside school. I remember the amazement when Don Heszeltine played his guitar at the music competition - now where did he manage to learn that?!!

John Peel recalls " how about the time the rugby team took the music teacher's car? (The one who replaced Mr. Todd - he was such a wimp, and very easily embarrassed by the girls in the class.) It turned up in the middle of the rugby field with a post through the windows...

I think this was probably Mr Hindle wasn't it? I seem to remember him being a very polite, mild mannered chap and I do vaguely remember someone's car with rugby post through it now......

......I'm now corrected by Jane Lowton - "the music teacher whose car (a beige mini) was lifted from the staff car park on to the rugby field was Mike Smith. He replaced Mr Hindle in about our 4th year. He guided us through music O level, and I think left shortly after".

Now this is sad! In the 1969 school magazine there was a survey of school life asking the opinions of the sixth form on a variety of issues. This is the response to "What is your favourite kind of music?"

"By far the most popular choice was "R & B" and "soul" music with some mention of "folk" and classical music, particularly Bach. It was emphasised that "pop" music of the teeny bopper, mind-blowing, groovy, sock-it-to-me variety was not to be tolerated"

I'm sure the members of the sixth form of 1969 are now really pleased that their children are into Limp Bizkit!