From the first year I was a very quiet and well behaved child as we all were of course! Although technically speaking I am Chris Lewington I have been known as Lewy all through school life, University, and a good proportion of my life after that, although sadly now I'm back to being Chris...

And by the sixth form I'd developed a healthy crop of hair and a denim jacket which was permanently welded onto my body for a period of about five fact I still have it, although it doesn't quite fit now! Then it was off to Manchester University for a degree in Geography.

After developing my Cordon Bleu cooking skills when living in a flat in Manchester (which I'm sure was the idea behind The Young Ones) I turned to respectability and got my hair cut. It was a fairly painless operation endured without anaesthetic.

I started doing a PhD at Manchester University researching into perception of landscapes but perceived halfway through the course that it was time I got a real job and left to try and get into travel or tourism.

I went through a moustached spell shortly after leaving university for a while! Ah now this is more like it - Mop and myself in aggressive pose on a trip to a beer festival in Belgium. By then I was working in Business Travel for Thomas Cook in Nottingham and hanging around with a group of punks around 1980 or 81.

And....then came the beard! Still working for Thomas Cook and around the time Mop got married I favoured the bearded look. Then I moved into Business Travel management for the AA and after managing their branch in Nottingham I looked after their biggest branch in Aberdeen for 3 years. It's not true that I spent time as a sheep while up there.

What I did do while in Aberdeen was became hopelessly addicted to skiing and spent every winter for the next ten years organising ski holidays for groups of friends and converting people to the cause, thereby ensuring that all my friends spent all their money on skiing and were as poor as I was!

Next I moved to Ironbridge in Shropshire for about a year and then off down south to work for the AA in Basingstoke moving over into systems but still within the travel business. I got married to Lynne and then along came Callum, seen here on his first, and my last ski holiday!

So it's goodbye to skiing and hello to Music Festivals - me with Callum at his first Cropredy Festival. The first real band he ever saw - The Saw Doctors, and Fairport Convention.

I've now retired from playing roller hockey but here is a picture from a couple of years ago of me celebrating Canada's Olympic ice hockey win over the USA

I'm now systems manager for a business travel company and seem to have become a southerner, although I'm not quite sure how that happened!

Callum is now 18 and at college doing some sort of music performance course - all I know is he spends all his time playing bass. Checkout his band at OKCorrel He's obviously inherited his dad's musical taste

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