This section features two headmasters- one who I can only just remember as he died in January 1967 and I started at Carlton le Willows in 1966. I do remember him however as a kind and friendly headmaster amongst a sea of what could be rather daunting faces when you're a little first year in a big school. The following is taken from the school magazine of 1967.

Leonard Thomas Draycott - Headmaster 1958 - 67

The sudden death of Mr Draycott on Saturday 28th January 1967 came as a shock to all members of the school. It was typical of his courage and unselfishness that he should make light of his illness and do his best to present as normal and unworried an outward appearance as possible.

In all he did he was activated by the desire to do his best for the school and its members. He had the rare gift of giving encouragement and support without ever seeming to fuss or interfere. All who worked with him found it a rewarding and inspiring experience. Not least of his qualities were a scrupulous sense of fairness, which was the basis of his discipline and authority, and an unaffected modesty, which underlay his appeal as a man. We have all lost a wise councillor and a real friend. This blow is too recent and too sudden for us to be able to say more than a fraction of what we feel. Our deepest sympathy at this time of sadness goes out to his son and daughter, for this second terrible bereavement in little more than a year.

Mr T E Dowman - Passed away December 6th 2006

Or TED of course - how could he be called anything else with initials like that? He started in Autumn term 1967 and was the headmaster all the rest of the time I was at school. I remember him as a kind and fair headmaster and one who was so tall that he was always looking down a long way at you! This must help tremendously in enforcing discipline in the school! He had attended Chesterfield grammar school and then St Edmund Hall, Oxford where he took a degree in French and Spanish. He had previously been deputy had at a comprehensive in Hull which must have prepared him for the changes to come later.