Not only the home of assemblies, school plays and house competitions but also the home of the dreaded exams!

The tables were all set out with the obligatory space between them and we'd all file in to sit O levels and A levels galore, complete with assorted mascots

Remember your exams? Click here to resit all those exams you failed! So if you sat O levels in 1971 and A levels in 1973 come back and visit these might remember knowing things that you can't even remember you knew...if you know what I mean!! And now's your chance to show the kids that exams really were harder in the olden days!

Can't even remember what exams you took?

I can jog your memory here with the exam timetable for 1971!

It even has coded notes on it to show when I should have been revising for which exam. Unfortunately it doesn't show when I was watching TV, out in the sunshine playing football on Priory playing fields, or playing Bridge, which was a serious hobby of hours and used as an excuse for not revising on most occasions.!

...and of course those big french windows in the hall lead out to the balcony!