There's an awful lot in this website which is well hidden! It was built that way - so that you can explore the school via the map and come across new pages by accident. I suspect however that most people are only finding ten percent of what's actually in here, so for those of you who don't have the time or the patience to explore I've decided to build you a bit of an index!

The best way to wander round the school is to start from the school maps, which are available for downstairs and upstairs, and then click on each room. School map

To go straight to individual rooms use the links below -
Art - watch out for the poster paint all over the floor! The Art Room
The Balcony - sixth form only of course The Balcony
Biology Lab - not for the squeamish Biology Lab
Changing Rooms - also not for the squeamish! Changing rooms
Chemistry Labs - beware strange smells, much like the changing rooms! Chemistry Lab
The Sixth Form Common Room - secret lair of prefects Common Room
Dining Room - queue in an orderly fashion to get in Dining Room
The Gym - beware of PE Teachers! The Gym
The Hall - for assemblies and exams. With links to your old exam papers! The Hall
The Headmasters Study - try not be invited here! Heads Study
The Library - it's what we had before the web The Library
The Music Room - only classical music allowed Music Room
Physics lab - room of mirrors and lenses Physics Lab
The Stage - for assemblies and House Play competitions The Stage
The Staffroom - place to be avoided but a guide to all your teachers The Staffroom
The Playing Fields - you must go here on a Wednesday unless you have a note. Beware as there are pictures of scrawny sports teams here! Playing Fields
To see what school is like now - complete with some pictures of ex pupils School Now
Effort Week - fundraising before Comic Relief Effort Week
To see your O Level and A Level exam papers Exam Timetable

The Film Society page with links to your favourite films Film Society
James Bond James Bond
Barbarella Barbarella
A Clockwork Orange Clockwork Orange

People - I don't have anyone's email addresses on the site but if you are trying to track old friends down let me know and I'll see what I can do to help
These are the people I was at school with - you may be in here! Rogues Gallery
There's even more chance you're in here as they're group photos Groups
Parties - photos of us in various states of disarray! Parties
Anyone know where these people are? I'd love to contact them. Wanted Page
There are even embarassing photos of me so you can work out who I am! About me

There are occasional Reunions and also an official Carlton Le Willows Grammar School Society C Le W Society
Some photos from the Reunion of 2003 held at the school 2003 Reunion
Photos from Mart Culley's pub at the 2003 Reunion 2003 Marts Pub
Photos from Corals visit at the Unicorn Corals Visit
Photos from our first reunion at the Marquis Reunion at the Marquis

Sadly some of our friends have passed away - particularly teachers of course. There are some tribute pages on the site to some of them
Alan Ward Alan Ward
Andrew Shipman Andrew Shipman
Webby Paul Webb
Terry O'Toole Terry O'Toole

Diaries - find out what we're doing this day in the seventies Diary pages
Guestbook - leave me a message and at least let me know you've read some pages Guestbook
News - usually very out of date as no-one lets me have any! News

Remember - we were in the middle of the cold war and the Russians were going to nuke us at any time! We had to be prepared. Nuclear War
Fashion - with photos of my original 70s clothing! Fashion
Christmas invented in the seventies by Slade, not by Victorians as everyone thinks! Christmas

Entertainment - what did we do when we were teenagers with no phones, computers or games consoles? Entertainment
Where did we go? A page with links to the pubs, the garage, holidays, the Boat and The Imperial Places
A page of legendary pub crawls - and they think binge drinking has only just been invented! Pub Crawls
A pub quiz - guess the pub from the photo Pub Quiz
The Marquis of Granby - centre of the universe! Marquis of Granby
The Marquis regulars reunion Marquis Reunion
TV personalities - who can you remember? Personalities
OK - mostly we had to stay in and hang out in my parents garage like all broke teenagers! The Garage

We did have holidays though, and not just Skeggy or Mablethorpe! Caister Holiday Camp
Our first canal boat holiday Canal Boat Holiday
And field courses like the biology trip to Worms Head Biology Field Trip
And the geography field trip to the Lake District Geography field trip
We were a healthy lot and undertook plenty of outdoor activities! Outdoor Activities

Music was a very important part of our teenage lives - the main music page is here Music
This is a bit of a hidden page on the site so you'll need to use your back button to get out of it again. Just to prove that music is an imprtant part of our adult lives as well! Festivals 2010
The Boat Club where we were first introduced to live bands The Boat
The Imperial - venue of Sunday night Cisco gigs! The Imperial
My nominations for the NME singles poll 1976 NME Singles Poll
Nutz - most excellent, underrated rock band of the seventies Nutz
Sassafras - another most excellent, underrated band of the seventies! Sassafras
Our trip to Wembley 1974 to see Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Joni Mitchell Wembley
Rod Stewart - from the Faces to the American Songbook Rod Stewart
A tribute to the highlight of Thursday nights - Pans People Pans People