This one we think is form 6DR in 1971. It was sent to me by Martin Towers - thanks Martin. I think they were either the year or two years above us.

Back row: ?, Trish Williamson, Pam Richerby (I think), Jane Poyser, Alan Noble, Martin Towers , Ann Bush, ?, Alan Need.

Front row: Alan Daykin, Steven Codrington, Richard Parker, Dai Roberts, Jonathan Warsop, Richard Payne, David Makin.

Yes it's the long lost big school photo from 1968! I knew it was around somewhere and found it while sorting out some of my dad's stuff which I'd brought back when he died. He'd had it stashed away all along!

You'll need to click on the pictures to enlarge them so that you can look in more detail along with comments like "I can't remember him", or "whose that one at the end?" or "he used to fancy me"!

Thanks to a brand new high resolution scanner you may actually be able to spot yourself on here - by clicking on the photo you'll bring up the high res version but be warned - it's quite a big file.
We were in the second year in May 1968 when this was taken so our year are somewhere near the bottom. Apologies if you are on the folds - you may not be able to spot yourself then!
This must have taken some organising..I can't tell if anyone did the legendary run around the back to appear on both ends of the photo - can you?

I think these were form 2J in 1968 - Boys and then girls of course!

And this was my class in either 1st or second year!

These are all form 2F in 1968

A day out at Calverton Lido!

Last day of school

I represent a firm of gentlemen who recently purchased this house and all the others in the road

More to come!!

If anyone has any more group pictures please contact me!

Thanks to Dave Matthews for the last day of school pictures, Jane Lowton for the 2F pictures, and the new ones are from Kathryn May - thanks a lot