Where do we start?

Lets start with a visit back to the sixties and go for Blowup with David Hemmings. A strange film that really evoked the feelings of the swinging sixties when Carnaby Street and Chelsea really were the trendiest places in the world!

And Barbarella of course!The tacky special effects make the TARDIS seem real but what cool costumes! I'm not sure what they thought the weather was going to be like on other planets but its a wonder that Barbarella didn't catch her death of cold! Barbarella was famous of course for the appearance of a character called Duran Duran who was later to form a band! For classic Barbarella pictures click here!

Then there was Butch Cassidy - still a classic despite the raindrops keep falling on my head bicycle scene! Katherine Ross from the Graduate and that bit at the end where they rush out the door to take on the entire Bolivian army and it goes into freeze frame! Excellent!

James Bond of course deserves a page to himself, and was a legend even then!

If you haven't seen Mary Poppins then you're lying! And equally classic was The Jungle Book. Yes I know they're supposed to be for kids!

And another classic was A Clockwork Orange. It shocked everyone so much with the level of violence that it portrayed, and the copycat violence it provoked in the streets, that it was banned and never seen again for another thirty years. Yet you look at it now and you see worse scenes on the TV every week.....and unfortunately and rather prophetically you see worse on the streets every week now!

And I know we're all sick of Zulu because it's always on TV but what an excellent film! Now see if you can spot all the other classics below!