My RAF greatcoat - every self respecting northerner had one. They were warm and extremely heavy and in fact they were what kept kids fit before they invented gymnasiums and low fat stuff. The original shiny buttons were replaced sometime in the last 30 years in a mistaken attempt to make it look respectable. It obviously didn't work!

What a great coat!

My Denim jacket - the cuffs have completely frayed off now, from being turned up permanently. I have a red ink stain on the left breast pocket and depending on who I was talking to at the time it was a bullet wound from the war or a dead animal which had been squashed in there. Compulsory dress for The Boat Club and we all had to wear them to show that we were individuals! The pockets were extremely useful to hold vital survival equipment for the weekend!

My jeans from 1972 - they have drawings over them and the ones I particularly like are the traced out hand prints from a variety of 16 and 17 year old girls. Now that's what I call a pair of jeans!! All my mates signed them as well - an excellent autograph book. And I actually used to wear them as well!

A tour shirt - they came into their own in the seventies.

My earliest one is a Rod Stewart sweat shirt from the Blondes have more fun tour of 1978 (although I do still have a poster from my first ever live gig - T Rex in 1971). I have a vast collection of Rod Stewart shirts, having seen him 34 times now!

I know it's not quite in the seventies but this shirt is Carlton Forums finest hour. If you look closely you'll see Saturday 22nd November 1980, Girlschool appeared at Carlton Forum Leisure Centre! About 7 years before, my best cord jacket disappeared at Carlton Forum leisure centre, but that's another story!

And of course the old school blazer, which went with the old school scarf, the old school tie and the old school cap. The old school cap has since been flung over a fence by someone on the way home but the others survive. And of course there were the old school flares and loons which caused all the boys to be kept behind in assembly one day to be given a telling off for wearing. And the old school mini skirt that Denise Ward used to wear - that's also another story!

No explanation needed - the school scarf and tie matching set! I have no idea why I kept them as I've not warn them since school but now I look at them again I find the colours quite tasteful! Luckily I never bought a University scarf which I could fling over one shoulder.....

My punk leather jacket, designer of course, not your everyday biker jacket. Bought from The Armoury in Nottingham - a punk and new wave designer shop tucked away down an alleyway. And of course I still have my Siouxsie and the Banshees badge in the pocket.

The 1978 Scotland shirt! As worn by Rod Stewart and of course Don Masson who was Notts County's captain at the time he played for Scotland in the World Cup in Argentina. Unfortunately he is remembered for missing a penalty against Peru and this must have affected him deeply as he was never the same for Notts after that. My Subbuteo Don Masson even had his shirt painted outside his shorts - very daring in those days!