Click on the exam papers to the right to see some of the questions you used to be able to answer! There are multiple pages you can click on so make sure you don't miss any questions....use the back button on your browser to return to the front page of each exam.....oh and don't forget to read through the whole paper before you start to don't want to run out of time! And make sure you have the long haired gonk on your desk just for luck....

Yes...even the maths questions were easy to you once!

History O level Friday 18th June 1971 9-30 until 12-00

(Lets see who knows their Carbonari from their Garibaldi, who is the sick man of Europe, who is one country short of a League of Nations?) .....sorry, been watching too much Weakest Link!

French O level Friday 11 June 1971 9-30 until 11-00

(Encore une fois!)

French O level Translation Monday 14 June 1971 afternoon

(If it's a story about ordering 6 bieres in Val D'Isere I'll be OK)

Biology O level Monday 21 June 14-00 until 16-00

(Biology practical on the bank at lunchtime!)

Maths O Level Wednesday 9th June 1971 9-30 until 12-00

(Now all that Bridge practise will come in useful)

Additional Maths O Level Wednesday 30th June 1971

2-4.30 Pure Maths with mechanics Paper II

Maths O Level Wednesday 16th June 1971 9-30 until 12-00

Paper II................(Oh laaaads!)

Additional Maths O Level Tuesday 29th June 1971

2-4.30 Pure Maths with mechanics

Geography A Level Tuesday 5th June 1973

9.30 - 12.30 Paper I

Geography A level Friday 8th June 1973

2.00 - 5.00 Paper II