What did we find to do in the 70's?

The answer was lots! Even though of course we were teenagers and there was never anything to do!

The 70's were weird! We were just out of the wild 60's but our parents were still products of the very sensible post war years...as a result we were all totally mixed-up kids. Mind you the adults were wierd as well - Have a look at some seventies news if you don't believe me. And have a look at personalities to see who was famous, and marvel at how they were once young!

It was apparently a golden age of television as colour TV settled in! And the dawn of Monty Python caused us all to call each other Bruce and recite TV scripts word for word....it is written that wherever two or more people are gathered in a room Monty Python shall be spoken!!

Have a look at the personality quiz and see how many of these you can remember - they really were once young too....yes even Bruce Forsyth! And checkout what we did at Christmas!

The music went from Motown and Reggae in the very early 70's and then went haywire as Glam Rock hit the charts. Then in the middle of the decade we suddenly dyed our hair and started spitting at each other - punk had arrived! All through the seventies some of the best heavy rock bands grew into giants - Genesis, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Queen. And of course the seventies really invented the Christmas number 1.

And the films we used to watch - a lot of science fiction as this was the era of men on the moon. And James Bond of course as this was still the cold war and places like Russia really were behind the Iron curtain - you really could never imagine that someday you'd be able to visit Moscow or China.

Reading consisted mostly of Superman and Marvel Comics and of course TV21 and a host of other TV related material, although it was also the age of Lord of the Rings when even Led Zeppelin were writing songs about Hobbits. I remember reading a lot of serious science fiction like Fahrenheit 451 and Brave New World, 1984 and Animal Farm as an antidote to the Shakespeare, Jane Austin, DH Lawrence and TS Eliot we were studying for English A Level.

And the fashions - denim, flares, South Sea Bubble, Budgie Jackets, Afro haircuts, Brutus, Levi, Grandad vests, purple velvet loons, Platform shoes, trenchcoats, afghans, hippies, skinheads, suedeheads...we were just so cool! Although spookily these are what all the kids are wearing nowadays. I guess the difference is they let them in the nightclubs now with long hair - not that I'm bitter of course!