Well...what a strange thing effort week was! I believe it was called effort week as it was an effort to survive all the chaos which ensued. It was definitely impossible to last the week without parting some of your hard earned pocket money, and as the aim was to raise as much money for charity as we could, I'm sure this was a good thing! It makes the fundraising these days for Children in Need look positively tame - every inch of every corridor and room was full of somebody doing something!

I had no idea that kids from Nottingham were the only ones in the country to treat hot peas as the delicacy that they are! I have tried to explain this tradition to people from all over the country, but unless you've had hot peas at Goose Fair, or from the market under the Victoria Centre, you really can't appreciate them!

Hmm...as the caption in the school magazine said - which one's the dummy? Effort week usually contained a talent competition so that all the loonies...err..pupils could show off (their talent!). Even the headmaster wasn't immune from the fund raising. Here he is trying to win back his lost cash in an obviously rigged game of chance. I suspect those paper cups are glued to the table...but maybe not as superglue hadn't been invented yet! And here are Julie and Sue as fortune tellers....look into my eyes...I can tell you are about to part with all your pocket money for the next three weeks! And you are about to have an encounter with a tub of green vegetables just around the corner...

I've no idea whose ponies they were, although I seem to remember Fiona Campbell telling me a few years ago that one of them belonged to her sister? It was a good idea though as all the girls like a pony ride, and Mr Langton is obviously tempted as well. As you can see he is just reaching in his pocket for his hard earned teachers salary, and if you look closely you can just see the cowboy hat in his other hand!

I have absolutely no idea what is going on here, but that is hardly surprising as it involves the surreal Harry Granger. Bram was of above average intelligence but is obviously looking on as bemused as everyone else....hmmm.

And of course there was that famous last resort - the carwash. This was a favourite particularly as schoolkids ordinarily didn't bring cars to school....hence the victim of extortion in this case is guaranteed to be a teacher.

And remember...these money making schemes were only the ones I can publish! Who knows what went on between the curtains backstage or in the hidden storerooms of every classroom...! And after the smell of hot peas and onions had at last drifted out of the corridors we were still collecting money from sponsored this that and the other.....