School was the place where the boys discovered the girls and the girls discovered the boys...and not necessarily in that order! The radiators on the main corridors were worn out with sixth form boys leaning on them waiting for fifth form girls...

Of course the only way to be fair to all the girls and to decide which of them were the nicest was to award them points!

Here is a never before least not for the eyes of the girls anyway....league table from the seventies. I can't remember who compiled the league table although I'm sure I could recognise the writing Mop

I also can't remember what the various categories referred too and I'm sure I wouldn't divulge that information even if I could!

All I can say is congratulations Ellen, and if you're out there now, get in touch!

And Gwynneth - we know where you are!

Now look at the names on this list!It is blatantly obvious that the only possible reason for going through the pain of a 20 mile sponsored walk, or in fact anything at all for effort week, was to talk to as many members of the opposite sex as possible. Take out your mates names and a couple of the teachers and this is an A to Z of all the girls in the school!Now boys, just in case your memory or your eyes have gone the same way as your hair let me remind you of some of these names

  • Anne Fedorko
  • Jayne Sewell
  • Sara Baxter
  • Angie Ward
  • Sally Miller
  • Lyndsey Osborne
  • Anne Buckler
  • Julie Wilson
  • Julie Everett
  • Lorraine Doughty

Hang on a minute - Alison Smith and Katrina Smedley sponsored me twice so maybe the girls were wise to this as a tactic for chatting up the boys!! OK so maybe they knew more than we did about the opposite sex!

Now just to prove that there was more on our minds than sex, here's an original note from someone who can't be named for obvious reasons. Although he's now a head teacher living in Kent just so that you can make an educated guess!