A strange place to mention but it was yet another privilege of the sixth form - you could only sit in the balcony and survey the rest of the school during assembly from on high if you were doing your A levels.

Seems like a good place to drop in some pictures of sixth formers at play!

Lounging about on the other balcony in summer. Roughly from left Anne Lawrence, Webby, Lewy, Don Hezseltine, Christine Marchou, Hodgie, Bert, Diane Moore, Pete Smith, Grat.
The boys at Caister holiday camp. Tats, Lewy, Trev Pinder, Ollie, Webby, Bert, Hodgie
Don Hezseltine and Hank with customary seventies haircuts!
Tats and Coral demonstrating the height of seventies fashion!
Hmm...strange bunch surprised on a Christmas Eve pub crawl in the centre of Nottingham. Hank, Deke, Dennis, Lewy, Pete, Anna, Paula, Hodgie, Geoff and Mart. Hopefully we all had big hangovers the next day if we looked like that on the night!
Sally McCree and Sue Slattery. I don't think they always looked like this - they were dressed up for effort week which was a regular week of madness masquerading under the guise of raising money for local charities. And Bob Geldof and Terry Wogan thought they had the monopoly on manic fundraising!